Home Maintenance

Spring Checklist

It' s time to spring into action. Spring and fall are the best times of year to work on the outside of your home. Make sure these tasks are done before the heat of summer arrives. Here are some home- maintenance suggestions for spring.


Take a pad and paper and walk all the way around your house, taking a good look at the exterior. Make note of what projects and repairs need to he done and put together a to-do list.


Clean gutters and check and extend the downspouts if needed. Clogged gutters and downspouts can create all kinds of problems- from wet basements and crawl spaces to stained ceilings.


Turn on outside water faucets and bathhouses that have been closed down for the winter. Check for any broken pipes.


Clean the ashes out of the fireplace. Close the flue and make sure it has a good seal. You don' t want conditioned air going up the flue or bugs coming down. Move any fire starter and fire fuel woodpiles away from the honse.

Air Conditioning

Have the air conditioner serviced. This is the least expensive time of the year to have the units checked and/or serviced, and it's a good time to change out the air filter for your system.


Check wood decks for popped or loosened boards. Clean and seal wood decks. Clear sealer for decks lasts for about a year after it is applied.


Clean the windows and let the sun in. This cleaning will show you where the glass may need to be reglazed. You also may discover cracked windowpanes and rotted sills.


Check for potential tree problems. Dead trees close to standing property may be a serious potential problem for you or your neighbors. Branches interfering with power and telephone lines can he a hazard or an inconvenience. The worst time to call tree professionals is when you and everyone else need them.


Review your emergency readiness plan. Spring is thunderstorm and tornado season. If you have built emergency kits, check the expiration dates of stored items, like batteries and water.

Checklist provided by Lou Alvarado of Handy Husband.