The Ashwood Homeowners Association maintains ongoing committees to assist in the management of the association. Committees meet on an ad-hoc basis as necessary.

Architecture Control Committee (AACC) – The AACC is in place to protect our property values and keep the neighborhood looking sharp. The committee evaluates requests for publicly visible property improvements according to the Association’s covenants and presents them to the board for vote to approve or deny the requests.
If you have a property improvement you would like to present to the committee, please download the Architectural Control Committee Form below and submit it to the committee. Below is a quick guide for the best results.

  • Any and all changes that you intend to make to your home that are visible from the street must be approved by the committee BEFORE you begin your project. It does not matter if you have seen other homes in the neighborhood with what you want, you must get your change approved. We try to circulate the change form within two weeks, but best to plan your projects well in advance if you can.
  • From this website (click on the link above titled Architectural Control Committee Form) you can access a Request for Change Form. Fill out one form per intended project and include samples of paint colors, shingles or whatever. It is best to provide samples with as much detail and specifications as you possibly can.
  • We have multiple committee members so you can give your completed form(s) to any one of the members. NOTE: Please DO NOT walk the form door to door for fast approval.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the AACC committee members directly, or by emailing

Community Enrichment Committee — Organizes regular neighborhood socials, provide an official welcome to all new neighbors, and support other initiatives to enrich the life of the neighborhood and of the local community.

Property Maintenance Committee — Oversees maintenance of the neighborhood entrance, monitors homeowner compliance with covenants regarding yard upkeep and general property maintenance, and report problems to the board.

Neighborhood Watch Committee — Maintains watch teams and manages reporting of any incidents of crime and problems to the neighborhood.