Do we have rules for the general upkeep of our property?

Yard and property should be tidy and properly tended with regular mowing and edging. Should always remain free of litter. Leaves should be bagged for disposal and should not be blown into streets and/or storm drains (DeKalb County Ordinance).

The exterior of the home must be maintained to ensure paint, trim, and siding are in good condition and clean of mold, mildew, and stains. Gutters should be securely attached to the home. Siding, trim, windows, and doors should be sound and rot free.

Can we park cars on the street?

Residents must not park vehicles on the street as a matter of course. The street should be used for temporary and short-term guest parking only. Mobile homes, campers and commercial vehicles cannot be parked for over 48 hours. No wrecked or unusable vehicles, no visible car repairs.

Where do we store our garbage and recycling cans?

Must only be visible on pickup day, otherwise store these in an inconspicuous location. Cans must be promptly removed on the day of pickup (DeKalb County Ordinance).

I need to replace my mailbox. Do we have a standard mailbox?

All mailboxes must remain consistent (all black and metal box). Available at Decatur and Toco Hills Ace Hardware, Amazon.com. If you’re having trouble locating a mailbox similar to the existing one, please reach out to the AACC or the board for assistance.

Are there fence standards?

Fence must not be over 6’, must terminate before front of home, cannot be chain-link. Wood pickets in cedar or pine are most common and acceptable.

Are signs allowed to be displayed anywhere on the property?

No. Only professional realty signs or home security signs smaller than 12″ by 12″ are allowed.

Is there a limit or restriction on pets?

Only 4 pets total, no livestock or poultry, dogs must be leashed and solid waste disposed of by owner (Dekalb County Ordinance). Out of courtesy for your neighbors, please keep pets out of flower beds and other delicate landscaping.

May we install playground or permeant sports equipment?

Playground and other sports equipment (basketball hoop, soccer goal, etc.) must be located in the backyard.

Are there any restricted items?

Open carports, clotheslines, above ground pools, trailers & sheds, concrete block, AC window units, garbage & recycling carts. Additionally, any item prohibited by DeKalb County Ordinance are not allowed.